Winter 2018: what should we expect?

After a season beginning characterized by mild temperatures thanks to warmer southern winds, this winter is expected a considerable increase in rainfall. Initially, the trend will be limited to Italy’s central-southern areas, but will also affect the northern regions. The bad weather will be determined by the anticyclones and this will allow the arrival of cold air from the Arctic to the Old Continent. 

Bosch: now an app can park your car

Bosch GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive components and one of the main German multinational companies. e.GO is a small start-up producing electric city cars. The link between them is a project born at the University of Aachen: realize the so-called "automated valet parking".

July 2018: goodbye fuel cards

The 2018 Budget Law bans the so-called “schede carburante” (fuel cards). In the future, VAT registered consumers will only use credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards to deduct the fuel expenses, for VAT deduction and tax deduction.

Italian police: two 007 BMW X5

Apparently, they are two standard BMW X5, even the bold design has been made more discreet thanks to the black livery. But the SUVs just delivered to the NOCS (Italian police special operations unit) take only the mechanics from the standard model (we are talking about a 4,995 cm3 twin-turbo V8 and 450 horsepower).

On sale the 16 million license plate

Over 16 million euros, a record in the automotive world. The price of 1,140 Fiat Panda. Or the cheque you need to write to buy 40 brand new Rolls Royce Ghost. In this case, however, we are dealing with the second hand market.

U.S. 2021: Toyota, you have the floor

In 2021 cars will speak. Or better, they will communicate with each other (V2V, vehicle to vehicle) and with other infrastructures (V2I). Indeed, Toyota has announced the DSRC system (Dedicated Short-Range Communications) will equip any vehicle sold in the U.S. as early as 2020, the year in which autonomous driving will be a reality.

Nepal: hailstorm destroys the harvest. Many families saved by an insurance plan

On 3 May 2018, in the district of Jumla, Nepal, continuous rain and hail storms damaged the large apple crops, typical of the region. Since almost 95% of the production is lost, the event threatens the economic stability: apple trees are the main source of income for many farmers in Jumla.

May: rains and hailstorms are expected

According to the website, in Europe May will be a month characterized by a winterly weather: cold winds, frequent and violent rainfalls, even hailstorms. In fact, Europe will suffer the cold and unstable currents coming from the Arctic, which are responsible for both low temperatures and Atlantic perturbations.

2018: the insurance premium will increase

For over one and a half million of Italians, the 2018 will mean a more expensive insurance tax, due to the claims that in 2017 affected the 4.22% of policyholders.