May: rains and hailstorms are expected

2 May 2018

According to the website, in Europe May will be a month characterized by a winterly weather: cold winds, frequent and violent rainfalls, even hailstorms. In fact, Europe will suffer the cold and unstable currents coming from the Arctic, which are responsible for both low temperatures and Atlantic perturbations.

Then, Northern countries will face the Atlantic currents, a harbinger of climatic instability and humidity. The Southern countries, instead, will go against the trend: high pressure will bring a more stable climate, with sunny skies and aestival temperatures.

The Torinese and the Canavese areas have already been hit by a violent hailstorm. In the afternoon of 29 April, indeed, a wave of storms caused floods and damaged trees, cars and roofs. In some areas, there were interruptions in the supply of electricity. Hailstones have reached the size of a hazelnut, ruining several vehicles.

ARAL traditional activity is the restoration of vehicles damaged by hail. In 40 years of activity, we have studied the best techniques to guarantee a final result that brings back a new vehicle to all effects.