2018: the insurance premium will increase

4 April 2018

For over one and a half million of Italians, the 2018 will mean a more expensive insurance tax, due to the claims that in 2017 affected the 4.22% of policyholders. The class of merit will increase for 3.9% of the male drivers and for the 4.8 of the women. And this despite the good news of December 2017, when the Motor TPL had an average cost of € 562.87 and thus registered a decline of almost 3%.

According to Facile.it, based on over 500.000 estimates, Umbria is the region in which more drivers (6.2%) will suffer an increase in the insurance premium. Liguria (5.67%) and Tuscany (5.48%) are just behind, while at the bottom we find Molise (1.53%), Calabria (1.66%) and Puglia (2.45%). Concerning ANSA news agency, the most virtuous Italian drivers are the ones from Aosta Valley, capable of cutting driver accidents by half (from 5.13% to 2.70%), standing at the top of a trend that generally affected the country. For the Italian magazine Quattroruote, workers belonging to the health sector reported the highest number of incidents with responsibility (doctors, nurses and health workers indeed reached the 5.03%), followed by retiree (4.99%) and teachers (4.98%).

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