On sale the 16 million license plate

15 May 2018

Over 16 million euros, a record in the automotive world. The price of 1,140 Fiat Panda. Or the cheque you need to write to buy 40 brand new Rolls Royce Ghost. In this case, however, we are dealing with the second hand market.

The businessman Afzhal Khan has just decided to sell his Bugatti Veyron, and its license plate. But we are not talking about a common plate. In the United Kingdom, you own your license plate, and you can personalize it. Mr Khan's one, purchased in 2010 for about 500,000 euros, has the characteristic of reporting the word "F1". This is why it is a unique piece, desired by all carlovers.

Evalueted the extraordinary amount of over 14 million pounds, the license plate is likely to be auctioned. But where the desire to grab the most exclusive accessory will drive the wealthy, hypothetical buyers?

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