Research and Development

The research laboratory is one of the characteristic traits of the ARAL world. Continuous collaboration with international automotive brands has in fact allowed us to understand the needs of our customers in advance.

The ARAL team is constantly updated through a training program that studies and analyzes the latest technological innovations of manufacturers and the evolution of the structural characteristics of motor vehicles.

Focus on research, typical of the ARAL method, has allowed us to create the most suitable equipment for each model, following its evolution and thus maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. In addition, in compliance with the established parameters of manufacturers, the ARAL team has created a range of tools to intervene on the boxed parts and inaccessible parts from the inside, without altering the quality characteristics of the product. Another important tool for the application of the PDR Method are the special neon lamps with cold light: these lights create a luminous reflection on the surfaces to be treated that highlights the damage to be repaired?