U.S. 2021: Toyota, you have the floor

8 May 2018

In 2021 cars will speak. Or better, they will communicate with each other (V2V, vehicle to vehicle) and with other infrastructures (V2I). Indeed, Toyota has announced the DSRC system (Dedicated Short-Range Communications) will equip any vehicle sold in the U.S. as early as 2020, the year in which autonomous driving will be a reality.

The DSRC exploits short-range wireless technology (300 meters) and it aims to reduce the number of accidents every year. The data are sent several times per second, giving information concerning acceleration, speed and position. This, for instance, would allow to warn other vehicles of a potential risk situation. Just think of the usefulness that V2V communication could have at a crossroad.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the cost would be between 135 and 300 dollars per vehicle, for a total of nearly 5 billion a year. But the DSRC would avoid 600,000 accidents and a cut of 71 billion per year. The possibility of obligate car brands to equip all vehicles with this technology is being examined by the American Department of Transportation.

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