Bosch: now an app can park your car

17 October 2018

Bosch GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive components and one of the main German multinational companies. e.GO is a small start-up producing electric city cars. The link between them is a project born at the University of Aachen: realize the so-called "automated valet parking".

The idea of an ​​autonomous parking system is quite simple: the driver leaves the car in a delivery area at the entrance and sets off on foot. Meanwhile, the vehicle will park itself in one of the free spaces. The owner can then send to his car the command to reach the withdrawal area through an app on his smartphone.

The ​​autonomous parking is a further step forward in autonomous driving. And the infrastructure will play a fundamental part. In fact, Bosch sensors are scattered throughout the parking area to make e.GO movements possible, sending information on fixed obstacles (such as architectural elements) and on any moving one (such as pedestrians or other cars).

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