Italian police: two 007 BMW X5

22 May 2018

Apparently, they are two standard BMW X5, even the bold design has been made more discreet thanks to the black livery. But the SUVs just delivered to the NOCS (Italian police special operations unit) take only the mechanics from the standard model (we are talking about a 4,995 cm3 twin-turbo V8 and 450 horsepower). The two X5 have a special set-up called Security Plus, which guarantees a VR6 ballistic armor, capable of withstanding AK-47 Kalashnikovs and bomb explosions.

Among the equipment Italian police has made known, an intercom to communicate outside, a second auxiliary battery, an armored protection for the batteries, three radios, adaptive headlights with stroboscopic and a full complement of flashing lights (blue leds are integrated in the radiator grille, in the mirrors, behind the windscreen and at the base of the rear window).

The prefect Franco Gabrielli, head of Italian police, has symbolically received the keys of the first two cars. Soon two more will be delivered.

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