Winter 2018: what should we expect?

10 December 2018

After a season beginning characterized by mild temperatures thanks to warmer southern winds, this winter is expected a considerable increase in rainfall. Initially, the trend will be limited to Italy’s central-southern areas, but will also affect the northern regions. The bad weather will be determined by the anticyclones and this will allow the arrival of cold air from the Arctic to the Old Continent. As a result, temperatures will drop, as will the average snow quota in mountain areas.

In northern Europe, icy arctic air will arrive in France, Great Britain, Holland and Switzerland causing temperatures below average and snowfalls even at low altitude. Central Europe - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic - will face similar dynamics. Spain will be affected by heavy rainfalls, as well as the Balkans and Ukraine.

The last two weeks of the year Europe will be hit by Atlantic currents, contrasted by the flows of arctic cold air. This will cause the first low-altitude snowfalls in Italy. The prevalence of the Atlantic currents will move the cold core away, causing a slow rise in temperatures. The context characterized by mild temperatures will be the background to short but frequent passages of cloud systems.

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