July 2018: goodbye fuel cards

3 July 2018

The 2018 Budget Law bans the so-called “schede carburante” (fuel cards). In the future, VAT registered consumers will only use credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards to deduct the fuel expenses, for VAT deduction and tax deduction. Then, who pays with cash, will no longer be able to subtract that expense by taxes.

The provision will come into force on the first of July - when electronic money will replace the old cash, cards and stamps system - and its aim is to reduce the risk of tax evasion.

Another consequence of the law (the 205/2017) is the obligation to document the refueling with e-invoicing, and thus petrol stations will be obliged to provide it.

Finally, a tax credit - corresponding to the 50% of the car fees due to the fuel payment - will be introduced. This credit can be used through the F24 model and only in compensation.

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