Special Operations

The high flexibility of the ARAL method offers support teams prepared to follow specific projects complementary to the flow of the normal industrial process. In fact, attention to the technical evolution of car manufacturers and the needs of customers, allows us to coordinate and manage other operations such as recall campaigns, component regeneration and plastic repair.

Regeneration after atmospheric disasters

Events such as violent snow and ice, floods, sandstorms, cold and heat waves cause severe damage to the bodywork and interior of a car. ARAL boasts a department specifically dealing with the damage caused by these events through targeted restoration techniques.

Paint recovery

ARAL is able to offer cutting-edge paint recovery service thanks to specialized personnel involved in the various stages of preparation and painting of the bodywork. Paint recovery is programmed and carried out with our equipment directly at the customer’s location.

Spot repair

For many years ARAL has specialized in spot repair, a painting operation aimed at individual components. This technique foresees specific processes and materials, in order to considerably reduce time and costs of intervention.